A Look Deep Inside Blake's Brain, What's He Thinking?

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Blake looks normal enough finally getting to sit on the sidelines of a Clipper game. He stands up an cheers his team mates and even gave a high five to assistant equipment manager and friend Matias Testi. Let's hope that the incident that happened between the two of them doesn't leave long lasting damage to Blake's psyche. Here are a few things that Blake could be agonizing over right now.

Friends occasionally have disputes, and sometimes it leads to fisticuffs. But Blake went out of his way to go after a guy who is half his size. Generally speaking, fans don't like "Bullies" hitting little guys, or girls. I am not saying Blake is a bully. He certainly doesn't have that reputation. But this incident makes him look that way to some NBA fans around the country. He can survive the economic loss of a 4 game suspension, but the advertisers that pay him money and give him endorsement money, certainly will look unkindly to any repeat of this behavior. It could cost him millions. That becomes a very expensive punch. Even guys who make the kind of money that Blake does, don't like to see big money fly out the door unnecessarily. And they value their reputation more.

With many sports writers blogging recently that the Clippers should trade Blake Griffin, while others are saying that the Clippers are better off without him, should give Blake a lot of discomfort. Especially while he sits on the sidelines and watch the team play statistically better in every imaginable way without him. You have to wonder if Blake worries about coming back into the lineup and screwing things up. What happens if the Clippers start losing more? Sports writers can be very cruel. It will be a constant topic on ESPN. Then, another early exit from the playoffs? If things don't go well, look for a sign and trade this summer with Oklahoma. Enter Kevin Durant. Well, maybe.

If you could look deep inside Blake's brain, are all of these things fermenting inside there? He is still a young guy with a big spot light on him. Coach is saying all of the right things in the press and giving him as much support as he can. And you can see why. He could be questioning his own value, his contribution, his self worth. One thing we can't afford is for Blake to lose confidence.

As for me, I think by the time that Blake Griffin gets back on to the floor he will be a force greater than he has ever been. He will come out like "Bull in a China Closet." A one man wrecking crew. Let's just hope that Bull doesn't question himself the first time there appears to be a little adversity. And there certainly will be some. The writers will assault him, the opposing fans will boo him unmercifully, and the opposing players will continue to foul him on just about every play just like they have always done. The flagrant fouls will be there as well, just asking for Blake to respond in kind. The refs will be more than ready bust him up if he does.

All of this is coming right at Blake right now. Doc and Ballmer has his back, and his team mates will surround and protect him. The only other thing he has is us. Clipper fans are now more important than ever. Go Clippers!

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as long as he plays hard, all will be forgiven and forgotten. Come back as the same jump shooter and forget to drive/score in the paint then the notion of him as a soft bully gets larger

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jarca wrote:
as long as he plays hard, all will be forgiven and forgotten. Come back as the same jump shooter and forget to drive/score in the paint then the notion of him as a soft bully gets larger

And doesn't poop out in the PO's. He'll have plenty of rest, so there's absolutely zero reason or excuse to.

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My guess would be, because of him being an athlete and obviously a type "A" personality, sometimes the type A takes over and he becomes a bit mean. I think anyone in any sport has to have a been of anger just to survive in their game. From NBA to NASCAR to even some pin heads in MLB. I think it's that extra level in their personalities that let them do what the rest of us can't. Having that level of anger helps them. What is a must is shelving that anger when you leave an arena/stadium/track. 99% of the time they can do it, but it's that 1% of the time that makes big time headlines because it usually is pretty brutal.

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This thread will blow up if we beat GS tomorrow without him

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Wait and See

Go Clips

The Nevada Fans

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Screw it, go full bad boy. Come out hard. Assault the league with dunks and drives, take less long jumpers. Be smart about retaliation to hard fouls. Let your game speak for itself, don't complain to the refs. Over the offseason add a 3 point shot. Use the incident as motivation to grow, not an excuse to fold.

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He very well may get the crap beaten out of him. I think it has been a humbling experience.

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I think Blake still cares about what people think of him (a youth thing). Add in that he's from Oklahoma, but playing in L.A. where people value superficial/BS and care more about fame/attention than anything else... it spells trouble.

This is where I worry about Doc... can Doc coach the human side of his team? Blake needs a mentor, someone to give him true confidence (not Arrogance/Cockiness). Phil Jackson's Zen or Greg Popovich's ability to create team chemistry is what he really needs.

Until he can "grow up," he won't be able to capitalize on his hard work, but can he grow up in the environment he is in? If he's going to continue to blame the refs instead of focusing on the next play, he will have wasted his talent.

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