IT sent from Cavs to Lakers for Nance, Clarkson

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Who would have seen this coming? Bring in IT to Lala land? Why?

And LA gets Cav's first round pick. ... arry-nance

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IT didn't know how to keep the family business at home and he got burned. LAL fans today chanted for Paul George. They lost Nance right before all-star weekend which is a huge burn.

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IT, from what I've read, is acting like a little baby and is going to push a buyout if Magic/Luke won't start him. Magic has already came out and said Lonzo is starting and can't see them benching KCP over IT. I would make KCP earn that cash. Isaiah MIGHT still be worth 6.2 mil or a little more next year, but I wouldn't spend the money on that diva. Still love remember K Love handing the ball over to IT like a little child.

The why, of course, is to free up cap space for two potential superstars (their hope PG and Lebron). Lakers still have to pay Luol Deng's 18 mil next year and 18.6 the year after that. Not sure if any other team would want to take that on.

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