Prison Break is Back 4/4/17!

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Prison Break is one of my favorite show. It was a blockbuster hit from 2005-09. I alway felt it wasn't time for it to go. Too many holes in the storylines to end it but they did. FOX must felt the same way cuz they are bringing the show back this April 4, 2017 on FOX at 9pm. With all original cast members & new ones as well.

If you don't the story is then here it is. Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) is a man who is frame for murder by our government & send to prison for something he didn't do. Lincoln's brother Michael (Wentworth Miller) is a genius who went to prison on purpose to break out his brother. Michael has tattoos on him to guide him for his plan. Michael gets him out & they are on the run. Through 4 seasons they are alway ahead of government/the Police. In the 4th season, Michael died of his illness...Well we think...Lol.

For you guys who haven't seen the show. I highly recommend it. Watch it on Netflix or the dvds. You won't be disappointed then on April 4, 2017 watch the world premiere of season 5. Michael is back! Very Happy



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