RIP Paul Kantner

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This has absolutely nothing to do with CTB but several of us discovered that we're children of the '60's. Paul Kantner a member of the band Jefferson Airplane died at age SEVENTY FU*KING FOUR The Airplane along with the Grateful Dead defined the era (The Doors and Hendrix are still selling) Saw them Spring 1970 with the Byrds and BB King.

If you remember 1969 you weren't there and I don't remember sh*t

"When the truth is found to be lies" you've watched the Presidential Debates.

"One pill makes you larger (Viagra) and one pill makes you small (diuretics) and the one your doctor gives you helps your cholesterol"

To paraphrase the Who "I hope I get old before I die"

Thank you Paul for all the mornings that I woke up on the floor surrounded by empty Ripple bottles and cold pizza trying to remember where I was and hoping it was the right city. Don't laugh. Once we started out in Phoenix and ended up in a biker bar in Tucson.

A toast to Paul. I raise my sugar cube but this time to drop into my latte. I never stopped chasing my rabbits down the hole of wonder and I hope you didn't. I hope you youngsters don't ever stop chasing your dreams.

Never trust anybody over thirty unless they're over sixty.

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