LARRY BIRD Questions His Pacers!

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We basketball fans know how tough the Pacers have been the past few seasons and especially good this season. Is Larry Bird impressed? Nope. lol Love that old Celtic. He says he sometimes thinks the players on the Pacers roster are NOT 100% committed to their jobs.


P.S. Andrew Bynum looked pretty good out there, huh?

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Yeah, I read that he was "disappointed" with his team and he wanted to get head coach Frank Vogel to be more aggressive in speaking to players who aren't performing up to their standards. Bird wanted Vogel to do things like restricting players' minutes, benching them, or doing whatever it took to motivate them back to performing at a higher level. Yikes. Sounds to me like there's trouble brewing in Defense Land.

I bet the loss of Danny Granger really messed up the Pacers' team chemistry. It would seem mentally jarring for the players to have someone of Danny's caliber, who had been the heart and soul of the Pacers franchise for many years, to be so cold bloodedly traded at the deadline like that.

Andrew Bynum did indeed look good in his first game back. I wonder if he'll be able to play this well consistently for the Pacers.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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Right. Bird comes from an era in which players played for the love of the game NOT the money (which was A LOT less than today's numbers). The players from that era played to WIN. Winning is an addiction that these young boys don't know of today because they want large contracts and shoe deals before they want a championship ... they don't even think about the hall of fame IMO. It doesn't help that Danny was kind of a leading voice and veteran of some sorts - they are good, but a lot of people forget the Pacers are YOUNG. They still have a lot to learn ... sort of like the Thunder a couple of years ago..

It'll be interesting to see how they respond to the public lashing from the great..

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