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Not sure if the owner of the site updated this but it's a little BIG to me. I run a very small, or large window 1440 by whatever and yeah, just kinda in your face with the avatars next to the posts of who started the post and who last commented instead of just the names.

I for one am not a huge fan and prefer the old way but if it's here to stay I'll deal with it. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this and wants to chime in.

Anyways, let's hope for a good draft, a CP3 signing and Coach Karl!

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Its just the same as always on my computer??????

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I also noticed the change. It clutters the forum page. Me no likey.

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Should not be showing up any more guys, if you are logged in- thanks for the feedback!

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Beautiful! Much more user-friendly. A good user interface goes a long way. Trying to add more bells and whistles gets you... well... ESPN's forums that suck and are now shutting down. It was quite infuriating trying to read down a list of threads while they keep moving around thanks to the AJAXification of the forum view.

Keep up the good work on this great forum, and go Clippers! I'm dying here... can't get any work done checking CTB and Hoopshype rumors every few minutes.

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