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I am an avid fan of Opera and Mozilla. If you use Google Chrome, well good for you, but for many intensive purposes it is a crappy browser (for a lot of technological reasons that can be explained by a little search - go ahead and use Google too Very Happy)

Anyways, just upgraded to Windows 8 on my laptop, and I must say Internet Explorer 10 is a game changer. I am not completely sold on it as a whole package, but boy has this browser increased in speed!

Specifically for this site, I turned on my old laptop and compared it with Internet Explorer 9 and it was worlds apart! The colors look a lot better, the rendering, the load times, the interface... WOW.

I was about to message David and ask if he had done any changes to the site... I recommend to everyone IE10 (as well as Mozilla and Opera, they are great alternatives.) However, I am sticking with IE10 for now.

I will update as Chrome was fast as well in the beginning... Until it became unusable in a year. Few earlier builds of Mozilla were also suspect.

Staying on a technological rant, Windows 8 is great once you play around with it. It is actually easier once everything is set up - took me about a week (overestimate, but I am pretty experienced with tech.) Took my mom few weeks (and she is far from a techie... far, far from it.)

Would definitely recommend it with a touch enabled device, but its not too bad with a non-touch device. My mom is using the new Surface tablet, and that was a joy!

Anyways lmk if anyone else here has used W8 or IE10!

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^^LAC_12- yeah IE 10 is definitely a good browser- very fast. I haven't noticed any color difference between CTB on that vs other browsers. I did do some optimizations for the site to look and fit better for smartphones. I still mainly use Firefox, but I do use Chrome and IE on a regular basis.

I have been running Windows 8 myself for a couple weeks now. It's pretty much Windows 7.5 for me the way I use it since I installed Classic Shell:

I definitely like all the little improvements Windows 8 bring to the table.

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